Monday, March 3, 2008

The Insider's Guide to Portfolio...

Oh my gosh! We’re in the book!

Author Katie Van Luchene, a wonderful friend of Portfolio, had the following to say about us in her newest book, The Insider’s Guide to Kansas City (Third Edition):

“You won’t leave this stunning showroom with a shopping bag, but you might come away with an entire new kitchen, bath, or dressing room worthy of any diva. Since opening a few years ago, owner Geri Higgins has become the go-to girl for Kansas City’s most persnickety gourmets and style mavens. The showroom displays five complete kitchen environments, including a Zen-like haven, a loft-ready contemporary concept, and an Old-World classic style. Though you might be tempted to point and say, “I’ll take that one,” you’ll want to have the on-staff designers create your own dream kitchen. Geri takes full advantage of the showroom’s refrigerators and multiple burners to turn Portfolio into party central several times a month when she hosts a fundraiser or other fabulous event. This is one A-list you’ll want to join.”