Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kitchen Couture

Our intern, Kristi, just returned from a trip to France, where she was lucky enough to spend a couple days in Paris. While there, she spent the good part of the day in the 7th arrondissement, checking out the kitchen design studios along Boulevard Saint Germain.

Her first stop was at the Gaggenau showroom, where she was wowed by the new wall-mounted lift oven. At the push of a button, the glass ceramic base of the oven moves down, allowing dishes or trays to be easily placed into the oven. Push the button again and it raises back up, ready to cook!

At the Miele showroom, she was impressed with their display kitchens and the two Elica star island hoods.

Further down Saint Germain, she made the requisite stop at Grange to examine the gorgeous bookshelf cabinetry.

Around the corner, at Boulevard Raspail and Rue de Luynes, is the newly remodeled Mark Wilkinson Showroom . Spending most of her time in the “New England” display kitchen, she was able to talk with one of their designers and saw lots of unique storage ideas.

After all this product research it was definitely time for lunch…lucky for her La Grande Épicerie, where the American supermarket meets French cuisine, was just at the end of the street!

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