Thursday, June 26, 2008

Which came first...?

This Spring, we were so blessed to have our new Juniper trees serve as home to a momma bird and her four baby eggs. Over the course of several weeks, we were able to see the eggs hatch, watch the babies grow, and eventually fly away. It was so magical, and we shared our baby birds with all our friends and clients who stopped by the showroom. But, as families often do, momma bird also moved on from her home as she was now an “empty-nester”. We were definitely sad to see them go…

Well, over the past week, a new momma bird has moved in, and we couldn’t be more excited! She has done a little remodeling, and has definitely “feathered” her nest. When we came into the showroom on Tuesday, there were four eggs again! But how thrilled were we when, on Wednesday, there were five?!? And today, would you believe it, SIX! We are all hoping there will be lucky number seven tomorrow, but by now this little momma bird has got to be pretty exhausted…

The point of all this, really, is reflective of the changes we are going through here at Portfolio. With our clients, as many families grow and change, so do the needs of the design of their home…and we are so fortunate to have them look to us for inspiration. As well, Portfolio is also growing and evolving to meet our customer’s needs. This summer Portfolio is proud to introduce Studio PKH, a fabulous new division of Portfolio offering the same great design in an affordable price range.

For more information on Studio PKH, click here.

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