Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Art On The Plaza

We had an excellent showing - in both senses of the word - on the seventh floor of the 4646 Broadway lofts!

Geri Higgins, owner of Portfolio, and Grant Lundberg, Reece & Nichols exclusive realtor for the 4646 Broadway lofts, hosted an art exhibit featuring artist Robert Quackenbush and pieces from his latest "Structures" series, exclusively created for Portfolio's design office.

Throughout the evening, Robert and Geri enjoyed visiting with Caleb Fey, curator for Truman Medical Center, Marcus Cain, curator of the Epstein Gallery, Zim Loy, editor of Spaces magazine, Merrily Jackson and David Jimenez, columnists for Spaces, Lee Norman, Chief Medical Officer at KU Med, Katie Van Luchene and others during the event.

There was a lot of mingling throughout the evening, as well as a sampling of wine and cheese.

Five of the six mixed-media panels in the "Sturctures" collection will be back on permanent display at Portfolio this week.

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